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             The case still puzzles residents of Brown County Ohio. An inmate with a troubled past is found dead in his cell. Deputies claim he took his own life but the coroner is not so sure. With few answers coming from the sheriff's office, I spent hours combing through the coroner's files to uncover why she ruled the death a homicide. 

Finding Home

ACH Rape Kit Backlog

              It's a startling statistic in Cincinnati. More than a third of the homeless population are children. Many of them are in tow with homeless parents. It took several weeks as a MMJ following one family's journey from sleeping in shelters to finally finding a place to call home. Their story of struggle is one shared by thousands.
             I am proud to say after this story aired thousands of dollars in donations poured in to Strategies to Prevent Homelessness, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing aide to those in need. 

Inmate Death: Suicide or Murder?

              It is an issue that has plagued several hospitals in several cities across the country. Rape kits conducted years ago remain untested and the potential perpetrators are still at-large. What we found even more disturbing is the number of untested rape kits conducted at Arkansas Children's Hospital. Thankfully, the local crime lab got to work to resolve the issue.